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PORTFOLIO: Children’s Picture Book Manuscripts and Illustration Samples

Finding Happiness | Mo Morris } Two hummingbirds flying
Carlita | Mo Morris | Caterpillar on a leaf


Finding Happiness

The Chronicles of Carlita the Caterpillar (and other creepy crawly creatures)

Fiona | Mo Morris
Flip Flops | Mo Morris | Flamingo wearing flip flops


Fiona’s 1st Flight
Fiona is a fabulously flamboyant flip flop wearing Flamingo, who discovers a formidable flaw… she’s a failure at flying. Find out how Fiona tunes out all the noise and turns failure into triumph in this tongue twister tale stuffed full of fantastic “F” words. This humorous alliterated story shows how to embrace individuality and soar.

What's That Smell | Mo Morris
What's That Smell | Mo Morris | Sunrise over hills
What's That Smell | Mo Morris | Back of a bunny rabbit
What's That Smell | Mo Morris | Rooster Crowing


Hmmm, What's That Smell?
An entertaining children’s board book bedtime story that takes younger readers from “Sunrise” to “Sunset” on a farm. This book introduces children to a sense of smell, taste, and time of day on the farm as well as the animals and their activities... making for a great read-aloud experience.